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Special Thanks

Special thanks to:

Beth Kennedy for sparking this dream, Amber Pratt and Shawn Perich of Northern Wilds for picking up on it, Kia Donais and Breanna Super at Northern Wilds for all their good work assembling and laying out the Guide, the advisory board of CCCF for deciding to sponsor it, Richard Olson, Howard Hedstrom and Ann Possis of the CCCF advisory board for keeping the project moving ahead, Wendy Roy of the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation for her advice, the DSACF staff for their active participation and ongoing wisdom, Leigh Mathison for her continued devoted service advising us ordinary folk on Trust and Estate matters, to all the nonprofits and volunteer organizations that do good work in Cook County, and for all the advice we received from our friends and neighbors.

A very special thanks goes to our sponsors and to the Blandin Foundation and the Northland Foundation for grants to underwrite the costs of producing the Guide.